The Art of Saving Space


Maya is a formal side dining chair. It is specifically designed to work well around your dining table. It has a dining height seat made of relaxing yet sturdy mesh fabric. The backrest is tall and wide and gently curved to provide full back support.

Maya can be folded effortlessly into a perfectly flat, slim silhouette for efficient storing. Most people wouldn't expect comfort in foldable furniture. Be surprised! Maya feels so solid and comfortable, that it is best described as a dining chair that happens to fold.

Use it as your every day dining chair with a few extra hanging neatly in the closet for guests.


The chair pops open with a simple flick of the backrest.

No assembly, bending down, nothing of the sort. Snap - and you have a chair.

Closing is equally easy. Just press the release button on the backrest, and flip closed.

Hang it up

At 1.25 inches when folded (3 cm), and perfectly flat - Maya is an incredibly space saving chair.

Add to that the convenience of hanging on a rod. Have you ever seen folding chairs stacked against each other in an ever slipping and sliding arrangement? Maya hangs neatly in a standard 24" depth (60 cm) closet.

Frame Colors

Maya is made of the highest grade Birch Plywood, imported specially from Finland. Factory laminated with a clear film for the finest finish and durability, it is available in a natural wood finish, and various colors.

Seat Colors

Choose from different seat colors.

We have carefully selected attractive and very sturdy mesh fabric to match your ambiance.

Custom colors are also available. Please inquire for details.

For an exceptionally stylish look we can stain the edge of the chair to match the seat color of your choice.


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"We are happy with the style and color of the chairs; We have placed one in our main hall. Everyone will see the chair when they will enter in our house.
I'm waiting first comments!!!!"

Carl G, Canada