Furniture With a Hook

The Folditure Idea

Folding furniture has captured the imagination for centuries. In fact, the earliest known folding chair dates to about 2,000 BC in ancient Egypt. It was a folding stool, with a central pivot axis.

Surprisingly, most folding chair designs are still based on the same principle of a single axis.

Enter Folditure.

Folditure is revolutionizing folding furniture by utilizing modern materials, new geometries, and our unique inventions, to create space-saving, flexible forms for the future.

It is architecturally crafted furniture with comfort, stability, and eye-catching form in mind. With a simple movement, the elegant streamlined forms transform into super-slim designs made for easy storing.

Precision hand crafted in the USA

Hoboken NJ, to be more specific. We love high tech materials, and the computer controlled precision cutting process. At the same time, each chair is individually hand assembled and tested with utmost care.

There is nothing like the artful combination of high-tech with age old artisanal craftsmanship!

The Leaf and Cricket are made of an Aluminum Composite Panel frame, with stainless steel hinges, aircraft grade stainless steel rivets, and other high quality weather resistant materials. The Leaf and Cricket are equally at home in a fine parlor or dining room, or on your patio. Or aboard your starship!

New Folditure Technology

Folditure's pyramid hinge technology makes the leaf - a leaf.

The pyramid hinge (patent pending) is a completely new folding mechanism that enables planar components to move in sync from a completely flat position, to a structurally rigid 3 dimensional frame.

The pyramid lock is another new invention. Folditure introduces a locking mechanism that folds as well as the entire pyramid hinge.

About the Designer

An architect working in Manhattan, NY, Alexander Gendell knows how to work with confined spaces. No matter how luxurious the end product, interiors tend to be tight. "This has always made me realize how ineffectively most spaces are actually used, and how difficult finding appropriately sized furnishings can be."

So Alexander decided to create the solution himself, and the inspiration for Folditure was born.

"I also love the elegant lines of artfully designed furniture. Designing furniture that transforms in interesting and novel ways was a very welcome challenge."

For more information on Alexander and his architectural work, please visit:

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