The Art of Saving Space


Featured on Star Trek Discovery, Leaf is a uniquely sculptural, comfortable and functional dining chair in aluminum designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is the slimmest dining chair ever made as it folds flat to a 0.625 inches thin silhouette.

Leaf chair unfolding sequence


Maya is a formal side dining chair which can transform into a 1.25 inches thin, perfectly flat silhouette. Its beautiful lines come at no compromise to comfort and stability.

Maya chair unfolding sequence


Star is a uniquely elegant and comfortable lounge chair and a true product of art and ingenuity. It is a chic space saver that folds flat effortlessly to a 1.25 inches thin silhouette.

Star chair unfolding sequence


Featured on Star Trek Discovery, Cricket is a stunning and intricate dining table system with functionally and aesthetically groundbreaking design. It can be folded with one hand to a flat 0.625 inch silhouette and hung in a standard closet!

Cricket table unfolding sequence

Art Cricket

Art Cricket is a sturdy multi-medium easel ideal for oil, watercolor, pastel, airbrush and acrylic art creations as well as drawing or drafting. It is a Folditure-style easel that will quickly transform any room into an art studio.

Art Cricket table

Pop Mural

Pop Mural is a performance of art, form and function that interacts with people and transforms the space by popping in and out.

Pop Mural