Multi-function creative workstation

Art Cricket is a Folditure style Multi-medium Easel that can quickly transform any room into an art studio. The visually and functionally stunning Cricket table, that folds effortlessly into a 0.75 inches flat silhouette, can now be transformed further. The agility of the Cricket is enhanced by a set of attachments that allow for a full range of easy tilt adjustments. The result is a sturdy, all-purpose easel ideal for oil, watercolor, pastel, airbrush and acrylic art creations as well as drawing or drafting.

Art Cricket front view
The extended work area is equipped with:
  1. Two adjustable cross supports that enable the Easel to be locked at any angle
  2. Side expansion wings that hold stainless steel containers (included) for brushes, tools etc.
  3. Ledge attachments to hold the canvas or keep pencils from rolling off
  4. Palette holder that clips on the sides and remains horizontal at any setting. It includes a stainless container for water, or small covered container for solvent
  5. Desk lamp bracket attachment (Note: lamp shown in the pictures is an original mid-century Jielde industrial French lamp, and is not included)
Art Cricket Easel

When locked at an angle the Art Cricket easel has two work surfaces - two people can use it, each sitting opposite, or it could hold two different projects at the same time.

Art Cricket Easel
Art Cricket Easel